We are now at the beginning of what is going to be the Norwegian answer to the English Shire Horse Society. And you are welcome to join us as a member, and be a part of our “new born” society from the beginning. We want to create a companionship for those who owns, ride or just are fascinated about this fantastic breed. This web site is meant to be a place where we can share experiences, give each other tips and get answers to the questions we may have. We want the site to give information in a way that promotes the Shire horse in any positive way.

Our plan is to cooperate with Starum (the Norwegian Horse Centre) so we can create a Norwegian version of the English standard of this beautiful breed. By doing this, we hope to get more horses of good quality in the show ring. This way we hope to be able to breed good horses with excellent health and exterior in the future.  We also want to gather information about the shire horses that are already in the country, and information about their owners, to make it easier to get in touch with each other. Later, when the society is standing on its own two feet, we are going to publish a magazine for the members and offer several articles, such as sweaters, t-shirts, calendars and caps with our logo on it.