Our main goal with the Shire Horse Society is to create a community where those who owns, ride or just are interested in Shire horses, can meet and share experiences. We want it to be easy to get in contact with each other, and we are also planning to arrange meetings, with or without horses, in the future. We will always keep the focus of promoting the Shire horse as a breed and want to help people to get information about where to get equipment, about feeding, illnesses, show tips, laws and much more. We want to make the Shire horse to be a well presented breed in Norway, and build a standard of breeding horses with superb quality and health. That is why the society only concentrates about Shire horses with full papers and no mixed blood, and we try to get a preview over where they are in Norway. (With permission from the owner!) But the society also hope to be interesting for people who like to work with horses, who like driving horses, showing horses and who likes draft horses in general, in any breed or standard.

Since we are just at the beginning of the creation of this society, there will be a couple of things that must be arranged over a period of time. The first and most important thing we have to do is using the English standard of breeding to translate it into Norwegian. This has to be approved by the Norwegian Horse Centre. The reason why we take the breeding standard as a leading task, is to make it seem a little less frightening to show shire horses here in Norway, and to make people try harder to get their shire horse approved. With the Norwegian standards, no one has to be insecure about rules that are different in Norway than in other countries (like showing the horse by rider or by carriage, side bone problems etc.).

And the next task is to create our own magazine for members, supposedly published 4 times a year. We also want to arrange a web shop where people can buy t-shirts, sweaters an caps with the society`s logo. And we want to open a page (forum) where people can ask questions and dicusse certain topics about shire horses or horses in general. We hope the list will make it easier to find equipment in large sizes, and perhaps make it possible for people to order in larger amounts, which might give a nicer price. A list over literature, DVD’s and books will be added as well. And we have already discussed to arrange competitions, shows, courses and lessons for this breed, something like the Norwegian Fjord horse NM, but most likely we have to wait until we have more members and horses. There is also a possibility that we might unite with other associations with organized trips or other arrangements to increase popularity and lower the expenses.

We hope our website is informative and answers your questions if you are planning to buy a shire horse. We also hope that those who already have a shire horse can find something of interest. If you have tips, ideas, information or a nice picture, you are welcome to send us an Email.