1 Purpose

The Norwegian Shire Horse Society’s main goal is to increase the interest and the knowledge about the Shire horse. We also want people that are interested to have a place to reach other with the same interest and to have a place to ask questions about the Shire horse when needed.

2 Method

Thru this measurement we will work with cases about and around the Shire horse, and promote the interest of the breed here in Norway. We want to achieve this by giving information thru arrangements, courses, shows and training camps, with the Shire horse as a natural centre.

3 Membership

The Society is open for both single and family memberships. Also other organizations who share our interest are welcome to join us.

4 Board

The board shall be counting 14 representatives, where the leader has the main responsibility and leads the cooperation amongst the other groups. The leader shall also make sure that everything must be within the laws set by Norwegian Horse Association (Starum). The second leader steps in when the leader is absent. Leader and second leader will be selected for 2 years at a time. A secretary is responsible for written tasks, like reports from meetings and translations. The leader is leading the discussions on the yearly meetings, and keep the discussion strictly around the subject that is being discussed. The secretary and major are selected for 1 year at a time. The accountant keeps a hold of the economy, and is responsible for seeking sponsors and betting offers. The auditor makes sure that everything is done right. Both will be selected for 2 years at a time. A breeding committee consists of 4 people, whereof 2 people selected for 2 years at a time, and 2 people selected for 1 year at a time. This committee is responsible for topics about and around breeding. An activity group consists of 4 people, whereof 2 people will be selected for 2 years at a time, and 2 people selected for 1 year at a time. The activity group will be responsible for certain activities, courses and arrangements arranged by the Norwegian Shire Horse Society. The election committee consists of all the members present at the meeting, and every selection is made by hand voting or other types of voting. The selection is annulled if anyone refuses to vote. In cases where the parts are 50/50, the leaders vote will count as 2 votes. There must be at least 5 members present to make a decision valuable.

5 Year meeting

The yearly meeting shall be held every once in a year, and it will be presented a summary of cases discussed during the last year, plus a presentation of the economy. On the yearly meeting we conclude the payment of the membership, select member of the administration and agree to further activity for the next year. Only members who have paid their membership are allowed to vote.

6 Accountancy and economy

The society’s accountancy must be presented for the administration within the 3 first months of the year.

7 Relations to other organizations

The Norwegian Shire Horse Society will cooperate with the Norwegian Horse Centre on Starum. We also want to collaborate with other breeding societies with united interests here in Norway, and certainly also with other Shire Horse Organizations all over the world.


8 Dissolvation

The Norwegian Shire Horse Society can be dissolved after voting results for 2/3 of the majority. Any remaining funds shall be donated to similar societies, for example Norwegian Horse Centre.

9 Changes in these rules

Changes in these rules can be made at the yearly meeting by 2/3 of the majority votes. Suggestions of new/modified rules shall be presented together with the wanting for a change of rules.